On that night... I left her... With my self proclamied sis. We are out to fight this endless war and find an end to it... My name is Gideon and with my sis Maka... This is... Ultima Quest.

Opening Intro Edit

I stand looking at a girl, i call out to her and she turns to face me. I rush to her but she fades away disappearing and everything goes black. I come to in the middle of a battle with Maka, she tosses me my keyblade and i catch it. Me and Maka charge the demons wiping them out one by one quickly. Maka turns to me and smiles, a hooded figure grabs her and laughs. I let out a cry, "Maka!" Maka disappears and i am locked in combat with the hooded figure who disappears. A siloughet of multiple figures stand before me. They laugh and i begin to fall into darkness but then i land on stained glass platform that glows. A voice speaks from nowhere "Remember... You are on the path of the guardian... You have a long journey ahead of you, you will meet many people and gain new allies along the way but always remember... Never give up and stand your ground strong and you just might survive..." everything fades to black and i wake up in bed.

Chapter 1 - Realization Edit

"Brother!" A voice called from the side of my bed, "wh-wha?" I replied still half asleep. "Good your finally awake" the figure at the side of my bed giggled, "y-yeah" I said getting out of bed. "Maka, what time is it?" I looked at Maka, "it's moon... Oh! We gotta head into town! There is another demon attack." Maka's keyblade appears in her right hand . I quickly got dressed not caring that Maka was still in the room. Maka looked away her face turning red, "Uhhhhh...." she said. "What?"



Me and Maka headed into town quickly where there were 7 demons hiding in an alleyway waiting for someone to pass so they can kill them.


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