By Flaze and FinalutionGaming Edit

I was at a laundry mat looking at the billboard covered in advertisements and other such stuff. I came across a strange slip of paper that i decided to take a look at. It read "Come, enter the game of Run or Die! Located at 427 Scott Drive!"

Interested in this game I put the paper in my pocket and headed over to the address. iIwanted to be the first one there in order to compete faster!

I reached the address to find an abandoned werehouse. I went inside, thinking to my self that i had surely gotten the wrong address. "Pah! Why it would be located here?" I thought to myself.

When I entered, there was nobody around, further solidifying my belief that the place was empty. "Hello?" I called out. A raspy voice replied from nowhere,

"Welcome to Run or Die! The game begins now!" the voice suddenly becaume demonic

"Run now... OR DIE!!!" I got the feeling I should run, lest bad things would happen to me. I ran out of the werehouse and got in my car, but of course it wouldn't start.

"No cheating!" the voice called mockingly.

I got out, fear taking over and ran like hell down the street, not stopping.Ever since then, I have been running. it has been years now since I went there. I take refuge in this box from time to time to catch my breath. A familiar voice called to me from outside coming in.

"Hey!" the girl looked around, "Its bigger on the inside, this police box..."

I replied "Yes it's called the Tardis and I'm... The Doctor!"

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