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Creepypasta Writing Rules!

Know these rules first! if you are going to write a creepypasta please go to the category that it belongs to and write it there and make sure you read the site rules so you know the law of the pasta (Pun intended) but other than that... THERE ARE NO RULES! JUST HAVE FUN! :)

Creepypasta Categories

This is where all the categories will be placed!

Video Games - This page contains all that are video games placed into their very own little organized places

Rituals - Bored? Then try out some ritual just for the fun of it

Theory Pastas - Theory this Theory that, this is what those who take the time have come up with all located here

Reality - All things related to reality live here

Off-Topic Stories - The creepypasta juices not flowing? Then just come up with any story and place them here!

Nightmare/Paranoia Fuel - Want that uneasy feeling? Want nightmares? This is your place!

Lost Episodes

Myth Pastas

Internet Pastas


Spin-off Pastas